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Belmont develops Sandy™. A cloud-based platform accelerating collaboration and communication in scientific and technical projects

We are on a mission

The combination of cloud and AI offers a fantastic opportunity to deliver faster and better scientific and industrial projects. ​We offer a step change in productivity and empower technical teams with seamless data and information flows.

Sandy™ for

Earth Science

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Our Breakthrough Software

Meet Sandy™

Current applications of the Sandy platform are designed to empower geoscience communities involved in oil and and gas resources evaluation, carbon capture and storage, hydrogeology, mining and geothermal.

Ask questions, Get Answers
-> No more lengthy literature, reports, presentations searching and reading.

​Iterate interactively on scenarios​
-> No more tedious model configuration and endless simulation time

Collaborate in real time with actionable content
-> No more slideshows of inactive screen-captures, disconnected from the data.

Sandy Foundation

A.I. Based Information System

Sandy Foundation brings immediate clarity to your legacy databases. It elegantly solves the enterprise data consolidation and search problem.

Sandy Foundation supports documents, tables, GIS data and wave fields. It provides built in services for intelligent data ingestion and reconciliation. Information extracted is automatically contextualized and structured into knowledge graphs, providing the foundation for data analytics, unified search and insights discovery.

The knowledge graph powers data search, question answering and recommendations in the Sandy platform. The data ingestion pipeline is flexible and readily adaptable to any technical domain. Patent pending.

Ground Truth

Ground Truth packages frame the analysis capability of Sandy. They can be automatically constructed from a corpus for the domain of interest. And can be extended at any time in a very flexible way. Making
Sandy operational in any technical domain.

Knowledge Mining

Sandy processes large pools of industry data with sophisticated pipelines. For documents, it performs indexing, specific named entities recognition, entities linking, and content classification. Equivalent capabilities are available for wave fields data.

Knowledge Organisation

Sandy automatically structures and reconciles the extracted information (locations, topics, technical concepts) in a knowledge graph, making it ready for queries.

Crowdsourcing quality control

Sandy harnesses collective knowledge by enabling feedback on the knowledge graph quality at anytime. When an entity is added or discarded, the modification is propagated automatically.


The pipeline continuously monitors any change in the data sources and keeps the Knowledge Graph up to date.

Easy Deployment

With built-in support of MS Azure data storage and Sharepoint, connecting your legacy databases to Sandy is straightforward.
In the Oil and Gas industry, data search and consolidation represent more than 50% of the time spent in a typical geoscience project. Because of this, legacy databases are underutilized and a wealth of information is bypassed.
Lessons learned might be forgotten or ignored just because of the effort required to retrieve them, increasing the risks in terms of safety and success.

Geoscience datasets are complex, ambiguous and highly technical. They need to be anchored into an objective framework in order to derive possible scenarios and appreciate uncertainties.

Sandy Foundation does this automatically by parsing millions of documents and tables and recognizing technical concepts and topics, then fusing them into a space & time model of the subsurface. Enabling unprecedented convenience for information retrieval and analysis.

Sandy Simulation

A radical acceleration of physics simulation​

The physical simulation of subsurface properties is critical in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Geothermal or CO2 storage. Current industry solutions rely on building a meshed geological model populated with rock properties and simulating heat and flow transfer over time with a forward numerical simulator. Simulated properties are compared to observations and input parameters values need to be optimized to minimize the discrepancies.

This process is computationally intensive, time consuming, and performed only by experts of the software packages used to run the simulations. Because of the effort required and time constraints, only a handful of scenarios are generally performed. In addition, the integration of the results with other assessments is tedious.

Belmont has developed AI based physics simulators for modeling heat and flow transfers in geological models. They have the same inputs and produce the same outputs as traditional simulators, deliver the same result quality and are orders of magnitude faster. So fast that they can be integrated in a Pebble and anyone can play interactively with the parameters that you chose to expose. Data are referenced in the Sandy knowledge graph and the story telling that you deliver in your Pebble is automatically captured by Sandy and stored in Sandy Foundation.

Belmont’s physics based AI algorithms are an energy efficient replacement of traditional simulators which run on high performance computing centers. They accelerate the simulation process by orders of magnitude and reduce the energy consumption by the same factor. Belmont is proud to have been recognized under bp’s Advancing Low Carbon program thanks to this innovation.

Instant Simulations
On Light Hardware

Belmont Technology is proud to receive accreditation under the bp 2020 Advancing Low Carbon program. We deeply believe in a cleaner and more sustainable future and we are thankful that Belmont’s developments are recognized as supporting bp net zero ambition.

Our Physics Based AI, part of the Sandy platform, accelerates expensive subsurface numerical simulations more than a million times while cutting the required energy consumption by the same factor. Capable of running even on a light hardware, this is a tangible progress towards reducing the carbon footprint of subsurface scenarios evaluations and operations monitoring.

Thank you bp for the accreditation and continued support.

Sandy Collaboration

A new Paradigm – Collaboration reinvented​

Once data access and consistency is solved, acceleration comes from liberating information flows among community members.

Enterprise communication has already dramatically improved with the introduction of instant messaging applications.
Still, these applications disperse data out of context.

Sandy takes collaboration to the next level by giving anyone the ability to build and share tiny applications in seconds, with no code.These communication units are called Pebbles.

A Pebble can embed data, text, images, but also any real time algorithm running on the data, as well as UI elements to expose parameters and display results in a minimalist fashion.

Belmont has developed novel AI based physic simulators (Sandy Simulation). They provide a x1M acceleration compared to typical finite elements simulators, solving systems of partial different equations for heat and fluid flow problems.
They run so fast that they can be embedded in a Pebble and shared with anyone.

A new way to publish

Publish content in a novel way by sharing your thought process at the closest of the data. Embed data, algorithms and context in the same unit. So everyone can appreciate the variability of the scenarios that you design.

Reshare, remix

Re-post others’ Pebbles by adding your own data or your own story.
Information and ideas flow like never before.

Share your own algorithms

For data scientists, this is the perfect way to share, demonstrate, test your models. Pebbles accept algorithms running under a few seconds.

Easy integration

Sandy Collaboration is tightly integrated with your technology stack. Your Pebbles are in sync with MS Teams or Slack, so everyone is kept in the loop.
In house developers or even citizen developers constantly struggle productizing their innovative codes as interfacing an application is often a barrier to release and adoption.

In organisations, in-house routines and algorithms are often forgotten when their developer change position or situation, reducing the general skillset and the productivity of the company.

With the Pebbles™, Belmont allows a rapid adoption, and an reliable maintenance of in house algorithm developments, coupled with communication and collaboration capabilities to widen and fasten its adoption by the extended targeted community of practice.

Without any limitation in scope and discipline of focus, Pebbles are seen as becoming a key enabler of the transition towards mixed energy production and delivery by many actors of the industry.

The best from the bests

Become a Sandy Content Provider

Are you a Consultant, Organisation, Research Institute wanting to widen the reach of your message to the relevant community? 
Create your own Sandy Pebble, and let everyone use it, re-use it, remix it, re-share it, endlessly, seamlessly and get associated revenues from it as well as additional followers.

Our First Use Case with Sandy

Subsurface Systems Evaluations

Sandy's flexible knowledge models and real time computational units using our breakthrough
physics based AI, have been implemented firstly to improve and accelerate subsurface systems evaluations. Current applications are expected to impact various subsurface sectors, some of them being tightly liked with the energy transition such as carbon capture and storage, hydrogeology, mining, hydrocarbons or geothermal sectors.

Breakthrough Concept

Snatch the Pebble

Sandy Pebbles are a whole new way of publishing. Pebbles are collaboration units that you can build and share in only a few clicks. They contain a rich and dynamic content that allows your ideas to reach your audience with impact.

Pebbles contain information, data and computational widgets in context, organised in a story flow. Now you can publish your ideas in a novel way and share your thought process at the closest of the data.

Pebbles can be reshared, and remixed. You can add your own data to a Pebble that has been shared with you. You can even bring your own computational code, which runs in no time.

With Pebbles, it is time to re-discover science!

Easy Deployment | Ready to use as a SaaS

Turn Key Implementation In Your Environment

Sandy foundation

With built-in support of MSAzure data storage and Sharepoint, connecting your legacy databases to Sandy is straightforward.

Sandy collaboration

Sandy Collaboration is tightly integrated with your technology stack. Your Pebbles are in sync with MS Teams or Slack so everyone is kept in the loop.

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