Physics Based Artificial Intelligence

Belmont Technology is revolutionizing Oil and Gas E&P by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable unlimited, real-time, economically-constrained geological model iterations. 


This allows you to design more scenarios, in greater detail, with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.



Sandy is our Smart Assistant collaborating with subsurface engineers

It collaborates with you, allowing you to focus on the “thinking things”, such as analyzing and interpreting data

Sandy’s cognitive capabilities dramatically accelerates your project’s lifecycle.  It understands your Natural Language requests, presents you with the right data in the correct context, and creates previously undiscovered data linkages.

From the automated processing and linking of very large unstructured datasets, to the rapid simulation of your geological model, Sandy makes your workflows operate faster, smoother and more accurately.  Sandy is a great addition to your team, working with everyone as a trusted partner. 

How does Sandy work ?


using knowledge graphs technology

Our approach goes beyond Machine Learning and enables Machine Reasoning

For highly technical domains such as Geosciences and Reservoir Engineering, structured knowledge representation is critical for AI to achieve superior results.

Sandy's knowledge representation is driven by powerful, state-of-the-art knowledge graphs linking subsurface data, documents and expert knowledge from multiple sources and enterprise silos.



Sandy has large libraries of fast, intelligent agents, providing it with the right skills to handle  the challenge at hand.

This ever-growing library combined with our unique technology stack enables automation, ensures the rapid execution of complex geosciences workflows and guarantees real time interactions with subsurface engineers.


Full physics solutions are key to really make sense of data or predict far from data points

Sandy has this skill too...

and can make predictions with lighting speed

​Traditional full-physics basin and reservoir simulations are extremely computationally intensive, significantly limiting your ability to create multiple model iterations. Sandy's revolutionary Physics-Based Artificial Intelligence makes accurate predictions thousands of times faster than any competing technology. It allows unlimited amounts of predictions to be made directly at seismic resolution and enables easy maintenance of evergreen models. 


We are building the next generation 

Cloud-based Geoscience Platform

Powered by Sandy

Extreme efficiency

Design unlimited scenarios 

Sandy and its technology stack work with you to truly augments human intelligence.

Truly collaborative

Sandy takes collaboration to the next level, transforming the way your team works, analyses data, understands prospects and generates novel ideas

Better Oil & Gas

Drill better and safer wells

Decrease cost

Optimize scarce resources

About Belmont Technology Inc.

Belmont Technology Inc. was founded in 2017 with the mission of bringing AI into the subsurface.

In 2018, Belmont's innovative approach and disruptive technology has received wide recognition from the industry:

2018 Most Promising OTC Startup Company Award

2018 Rice Alliance Most Promising Company

SPE ATCE 2018 Startup Competition : Rising Star Award


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