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Jean-Marie Laigle

Founder & CEO

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Founder, CEO and CTO

Geoffroy Paixac​h


Consultant for Belmont

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20 years of industry experience in international business development in geoscience technology.

Geoffroy graduated in astrophysics from the University of Toulouse and from the IFP School in petroleum geophysics. Geoffroystarted his career with Elf (now TOTAL) as a research geophysicist based in London before taking business development & executive management roles within consulting firms & services companies, either privately held or publicly traded in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Americas. 


Since 2012 Geoffroy is running a boutique business development firm, GP&SON, in Houston and was involved in different industry projects including a mega multi-client survey with large seismic companies in Mexico. 


Geoffroy co-founded Belmont Technology as per GP&SON’s technology startup incubation program and is supporting the business development activities to foster connections with oil & gas companies and hydrocarbon national agencies.

Dr. Alan J. Cohen

Executive Advisor

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Dr Alan J Cohen serves as Executive Advisor of Industry Solutions at Belmont Technology. He's a recognized geoscientist and former leader at Shell, Ecopetrol, and several high-technology oil service companies. He also served as Oil and Gas Science Advisor for the United States, and Director of Oil and Gas Research. With over 35 years of experience, he has done substantive work leading: Exploration and Production research, oil and gas operations, geoscience and engineering technology development and deployment, business development, and scientific consulting. He received his PhD degree from Harvard University and his BSc from McGill University.

Vibeesh Bose

VP Software Engineering

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As VP of Engineering, Vibeesh leads Belmont’s product development and delivery efforts. He is directly involved in establishing a high performance software engineering culture at Belmont and in bringing our leading edge R&D efforts onto our Sandy Platform. Throughout his career he has focused on building agile cross-functional teams to deliver software that delights end-users. A Software Engineer by training, he is passionate about building beautifully engineered products that hide incredible complexity behind simple design. 

Carlos Collantes

VP Geoscience

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Carlos is an electrical engineer turned geophysicist turned reservoir modeler turned geologist turned developer in his latest re-invention. He has been a data scientist since before the term existed. Carlos has 20 years of experience in the oil industry in 4 continents, from Exploration to Development, working on clastics and carbonates in green and mature assets. Carlos has a BSc in Electrical Engineering by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, a MSc in Geophysics by the IFP School and a thirst for knowledge quenched by YouTube.


Stephan Dumothier

VP Product and Marketing

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Stephan holds a Master in Computer Science and a Post Master specialization in Computer Sciences applied to Earth Sciences from the University of Paris VI. Stephan has 25+ years of experience in the Software industry applied to the O&G and Medical  sector in the US, Europe and North Africa..  

Prior to joining Belmont Tech in June 2019 to lead Belmont's Product and Marketing efforts, Stephan was Director Product Engineering in the Silicon Valley for the Digital Dentistry Technology  leader.

Adrien Bisset

Regional Manager Europe

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Adrien holds a Masters in Geophysics and Geology from the Paris VI University and has got 13+ years of experience in the O&G Upstream sector that he has used in technology sales and marketing. He has built extensive industry networks in Europe and APAC. He has specialised in cognitive systems as he is a strong believer that the digital transformation will make our work easier and more efficient, helping us to focus on creating value. 

He has joined Belmont Tech in May 2019 to develop Belmont's presence in Europe. 

Dr. Andrea Cortis

Chief Data Scientist

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An experienced leader in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Industry with 20 years of experience

between private sector (ION Geophysical, Ayasdi, Ge Oil and Gas, and Pioneer Natural Resources) and academia (LBNL, Weizmann Institue of Science, UCDavis), Andrea serves now as Chief Data Scientist at Belmont.

He holds a PhD in Geophysics from TUDelft (The Netherlands),

a Laurea in Civil Hydraulic Engineering from the Universita' degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy),

and a Master's degree in Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers of Bordeaux (France).




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Former Vice President & Chief Information Officer, BP

Mark Bouzek is an accomplished global energy IT and business leader with a track record of significantly improving business performance, implementing innovative technologies, and integrating and globalizing organizations. He is a change agent who possesses a wide range of strategic, operational and cybersecurity experiences, including leading several $500+ million global business units at Shell and BP, starting two internet businesses, and serving on multiple for-profit Boards. 

Mark’s most recent role was at BP, where he served as VP and Chief Information Officer. He developed and implemented a global E&P IT strategy, governance structure, and operating model across 15+ previously fragmented and diverse regions. He also transformed the BP Center for High Performance Computing into the world’s fastest commercial research computing center. Concurrently, he led one of the world’s largest IT crisis responses during the BP Macondo Oil Spill.

In addition to his enterprise-level experiences, Mark was instrumental in creating two internet-based businesses: Quaris, an Accenture-funded startup that pioneered oil and gas equipment auctioning; and OneOffshore, a private-equity backed energy information company that developed the industry’s first drilling rig sub-leasing marketplace.  

Mark graduated summa cum laude from St. Louis University with a BS in Quantitative Management Science with a specialization in Computer Science. He also attended the INSEAD Advanced Executive Education Program in Fontainebleau, France. He is currently chairing the Board of Advisors for Belmont Technologies, a Houston-based internet startup, and is an Executive-in-Residence at the University of Colorado. 

Andrew Pepper

Technical Advisor

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Former Exploration Director at HESS & VP Geoscience / Unconventional Exploration at BHP

Andrew Pepper founded This is Petroleum Systems LLC in September 2015. Andy is an innovator with over 34 years’ industry experience in Petroleum E&P, across Business delivery and in Research.


After obtaining a 1st Class Honors degree in Geological Sciences at the University of Leeds, UK, he began his career with BP in 1981 as a Geologist in international exploration. Given the opportunity to work in BP’s Geochemistry Research Lab in the late 80’s, he went on to devise models of petroleum formation that are now industry standards. Subsequently returning to the business as a geologist and – what we would now call – a Petroleum Systems Analyst, Andy broadened his worldwide experience and reach, culminating in a role in BP’s highly successful Gulf of Mexico sub-salt exploration program.


By 2000, Andy had defined Petroleum Systems Analysis as a new workflow and introduced the Petroleum Systems Analyst as a new team role at BP; subsequently advocating these ideas more widely in the Industry. He continued at Hess and BHP Billiton as a functional leader in Geology and Geoscience; alternating with business roles leading US and International Exploration and New Ventures teams, both Conventional and Unconventional.


Throughout his leadership tenure, Andy has continued as a strong advocate for technical rigor in petroleum geoscience, and specifically Petroleum Systems Analysis, together with its practical application to Volume, Risk and Value assessment.


Andy has a long record of innovation, publication and presentation, developing people through coaching and training, and service to the Geoscience community.





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Sandy is your Geoscience and Reservoir engineers' intelligent Co-Pilot!

She collaborates with you so you can focus on the “thinking things”, such as analyzing and interpreting data.

“Think of Sandy as J.A.R.V.I.S, and you as… Tony Stark”

Sandy’s cognitive capabilities dramatically accelerates your project’s lifecycle.  She understands your Natural Language requests, presents you with the right data in the correct context, and creates previously undiscovered data linkages.

From the automated processing and linking of very large unstructured datasets, to the rapid simulation of your geological model, Sandy makes your workflows operate faster, smoother and more accurately.  Sandy is a great addition to your team, working with everyone as a trusted partner. 

Dr. Jack Stalnaker

Computational Geophysicist

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Jack is a computational geophysicist with expertise in seismology, controlled-source electromagnetics, numerical modeling, inversion, and machine learning. He has applied these methods to petroleum exploration, near surface, and environmental problems. Jack is also an experienced software developer, and has contributed to the development and maintenance of multiple commercial software products. Jack received his PhD from Texas A&M University in geophysics (2004), and BSs from College of Charleston in geology and anthropology (1998).

Zenshan Jhin

Senior Data Scientist

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Zhenshan is a data scientist at Belmont Technology with expertise in knowledge extraction, statistical modeling, natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing. Helping users build a trusted knowledge data source and intuitively interact with it is the foundation of everything he does. He is also a software developer with experience in establishing knowledge processing architecture. Zhenshan received his M.S. degrees in Statistics from Rice University and a B.S. in Statistics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Elisabeth Roller

Senior Geologist

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Elizabeth Roller has more than 14 years of experience in petroleum geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. She spent the majority of her career at Hess Corporation, where she worked both the exploration and development sides, and was directly responsible for significant reservoir volume additions to Hess’s portfolio.


Elizabeth has experience in Exploration and Development of conventional offshore plays as well as onshore US assets, specializing in a bottom-up strategy in basin understanding from wildcat exploration all the way to field development.  She brings expertise in basin modeling, reservoir modeling, and seismic interpretation/manipulation to Belmont.  Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Astrogeophysics from Colgate University, and a master’s degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Chris Yarbrough

Senior Geologist

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Chris is a petroleum geologist with 14 years industry experience, including positions with BHP and Hess.  He has experience in 3D seismic interpretation, subsurface mapping, play fairway analysis, basin modeling, petroleum systems, acquisition/divestitures, and unconventional operations.  Major project work has included the Gulf of Mexico (US and Mexico), offshore northern Brazil, the Williston Basin and the US Gulf Coast.  Chris received his B.S and M.S. (2002, 2005) degrees in Geology from Texas A&M University.


Nemanja Ignjatovic

Senior Developer

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Rato Kuzmanic

Freelance Software Engineer

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Rato is an experienced full-stack software engineer focused on solving business problems by applying his theoretical and practical knowledge of software engineering. He specializes in domain modelling and creating software that's easy to maintain and extend, mostly for the Internet. He received his B.Sc. in Computer Science and his high level of understanding and empathy allows him to be proactive, highly accountable, and a valuable member of the team.

Dr. Laure Philippe

Computational Geologist

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Laure has 14 years of experience in petroleum geology, both in industry-funded research projects and in industry. Her work covered different areas, including geostatistics for geophysics, rock typing, structural modelling, reservoir characterization (with process-based and stochastic approaches), geochemistry, basin modelling. Laure works now as Computational Geologist in Belmont Technology.

Laure received her PhD from Pierre & Marie Curie University and French Petroleum Institute (IFPEN) in Sedimentology (2010). She has two master’s degrees in Geology, from the Henri Poincare University and from the National Superior School of Geology (Nancy, France).

Ilaan Shtaygrud

Software Developer

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Ilaan Shtaygrud is a geophysicist turned software developer and emerging applied data scientist, with entrepreneurial ambitions. After receiving his BS in Physics and MS in Geophysics from NYU and Texas A&M, respectively, Ilaan spent 2.5 years as an Associate Geophysicst with BHP Billiton, before leaving to focus on a personal biostratigraphic machine learning venture. Now he spends his time fusing industry knowledge and a decade of software development expertise into applied data science solutions, pushing the limits of geoscience with cutting edge neural networks at Belmont Technology.


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Interested in joining Belmont and our Team?

Contact us at Careers@Belmont.Tech

Nathan Roe

Software Engineer

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Nathan is software engineer focused on automating infrastructure, implementing DevOps process, and generally making things as smooth and easy as possible for developers, data scientists, and anyone else helping to build and improve Sandy. He’s worked on the DevOps side of things in a wide range of environments including archaeology, VoIP conferencing, network security, and most recently video game development. In each environment he has been in he tries to learn new best (or at least pretty good) practices and patterns, and at Belmont he is excited to put all of that to use!

Christy Heiland

Office Manager

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Christy brings over 25 years of experience in Office Management, Human Resources and Accounting.  She assists in the development and implementation of firm policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies, programs and practices within the company.  Exercising her organizational skills, she ensures smooth operations in a busy work environment.


“Over the course of my career, I have discovered that I thrive on challenges and do my best work in start-up settings. I enjoy responsibility and believe that my experience, professionalism, proactive demeanor and support are a perfect match for the “many hats” that Office Manager Positions require.”

Alexander Parshin

GIS Developer

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Alexander is a web GIS developer with 9 years of experience in the GIS field. He worked on projects of all scales from small open source libraries to enterprise-level web GIS platforms complex developments  He received his M.S. in Information Technology from Moscow State University.

Modern mapping technologies and challenging visualizations of spatial data is his passion. Focus on the final product, deep understanding of GIS field and extensive experience in software developing help him to create the best solutions at Belmont Technology.


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Interested in joining Belmont and our Team?

Contact us at Careers@Belmont.Tech


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Interested in joining Belmont and our Team?

Contact us at Careers@Belmont.Tech